Pneumatiques monotubes & multitubes

The polyamide coextruded TAT is a polyamide monotube covered by a hypalon sheath comprised of a MANURIL® tube as described in paragraph 3-1 which is then covered by a layer of chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber (hypalon, trade name of Dupont de nemours).
Coextruded TAT is :
- very resistant to oil and air.
- very resistant to abrasion and tearing.
- very resistant to ozone and atmospheric agents.
Coextruded TAT is used for the transfer of fuels in high ambient temperature engine compartments.
They can be preformed.
Admissible temperature range is from -40°C to +80°C in an atmosphere of 140°C (with peaks to 150°C)
Marking of coextruded TAT is as follows : tecalemit fexibles - part N° - IDxMDxOD - pa12 hypalon - batch N° (white ink)

The technical characteristics of monotubes are identical to standard MANURIL® tubes.
Monotubes are particularly adapted for installations subjected to external aggressions, such as sparks, for example.
they can be connected by push-in fittings after stripping the sheath at the ends.
Marking of monotubes is as follows : tecalemit flexibles - part N° - monotube - ID - batch N°

Black PVC sheathed calibrated plastified polyamide 12 pneumatic tube
Part n° Outer
pressure limit 20°c
Working pressure 20°c
on outer
on inner
9920427001 6 2,7 1,65 78 26 28 15 +/-0,10 +/-0,10 Long lengths
9920604001 8 4 2 80 27 46 16 +/-0,10 +/-0,10 Long lengths
9920806001 10 6 2 58 19 62 25 +/-0,10 +/-0,10 Long lengths
9921008001 12 8 2 46 15 77 50 +/-0,10 +/-0,10 Long lengths
9921210001 14 10 2 40 13 92 60 +/-0,10 +/-0,10 Long lengths

TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES® multitubes are comprised of MANURIL® tubes as defined in paragraph 3-1 which are then spiralled together, in some cases covered with a polyethylene film, and sheathed with a 1.5mm to 2mm thick polyvinyl chloride coating.
- reduce size of bundles comprised of individual tubes.
- increase productivity in installation.
- protect tubes from impacts and weather.
- have low bend radius.
The technique of spiralling gives remarkable flexibility and bend radius to the finished product and maintains tubes at the same length in bends.
The thick PVC coating keeps a round shape and ensures excellent protection, not only mechanical but also against many acids, bases, alcohols and oils.
The seven MANURIL® colours are used for easy identification of tubes.
Specific productions are regularly carried out, for example incorporating tubes of different diameters, electric or communication cables, pulling cables, a circular reinforcing steel braid placed before the pvc coating, MANUlan® polyurethane tubes.

Marking of TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES® multitubes is as follows : “tecalemit flexibles - part N° - multitube n tubes IDxOD - batch N°“(for multitubes of n tubes).
TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES® multitubes are regularly produced in lengths up to 1000 metres on reels.
They are then repacked in multiple lengths of 25 metres.

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