Pneumatic tubes MANULENE®
Low density polyethylene tube

Tube Manulef

MANULENE® tubes are made from solid polyethylene.

They are obtained by calibrated extrusion. 
They are used in low pressure pneumatic logic as well as for conveying certain aggresive fluids.
MANULENE® tubes are :
- Very light (density 0.9), impervious and imputrescible.
- Adapted to negative pressure use.
- Very flexible.
- Very smooth inner bore.
- Translucent.
These tubes have very good chemical resistance with regards to many acids, bases and salt solutions (refer to chemical compatibility chart on page 40). 
Even so, its mechanical qualities may not be sufficient for certain industrial applications and the working temperature of these tubes only covers a reduced range : between -30°C and +60°C as can be seen in the following table.
Marking of tubes is as follows : “tecalemit flexibles - manulene - part N° - ID x OD - batch N.

Table of working pressure ratios of MANULENE® tubes with regards to working temperature

T(°C) -30° to 00° 20° 40° 50° 60°
Pressure (%) 165% 100% 66% 46% 40%

The values of working pressure ratios according to working temperatures indicated above represent only the average of the results obtained from burst pressures divided by a safety factor, given that these are variable according to tube diameter and wall thickness

Calibrated solid polyethylene tube

Part n° Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Wall thickness
Pressure limit of
non-burst 20°c
Working pressure 20°c
Bend radius
Tolerance on outer diameter
Tolerance on inner
0010300000 4 2 1 58 12 9 10 +0,10/-0,10 +0,10/-0,10 natural
0010310000 6 4 1 36 7 14 15 +0,10/-0,10 +0,10/-0,10 natural
0010320020 8 6 1 27 6 20 24 +0,10/-0,10 +0,10/-0,10 natural
0010330010 10 8 1 23 5 25 40 +0,10/-0,10 +0,10/-0,10 natural
0010340000 12 10 1 20 4 31 54 +0,10/-0,10 +0,10/-0,10 natural
0010360000 14 10 2 26 5 68 80 +0,10/-0,10 +0,10/-0,10 natural
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