Storz couplings

Raccord demi symetrique storz

Quick Connection Couplings, adapters, blank caps, spare Parts, seals and spanners for liquids, powders and granulates

Application areas Storz couplings

The industry, fire fighting, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, construction, maintenance, agriculture, irrigation, steel mills, bulk transport tanks in liquid and powder.

Working pressure 16 bars / 225PSI

Storz couplings specifications

Storz couplings have an identical locking head with no separate male or female halves and are available with BSP male and female threads, or serrated hose tails for fitting into rubber hose.
Blank caps are available for shutting off delivery when not in use.
The maximum working pressure for this range of couplings is 16 Bar and they are stocked in aluminium alloy and brass with stainless steel units available upon request.
The Storz coupling locking head possesses 2 lugs.
Any combination of female, male, hose tail or blanking cap can be secured together with the same lug dimension.
Storz spanners are available which engage with the coupling housing to ensure a trouble free and leak proof seal is obtained.
Storz fittings are suitable for water and a wide range of other fluids. S
torz couplings are commonly used on tankers for powder blowing systems.

Hose couplings for external binding

Symmetrical quick connection coupling, no female and male part, no problem with matching hose ends.
Assembly and functionality of couplings Storz System.
Quick connection couplings with DS suffix generally are suitable for delivery and suction operation, without DS suffix for delivery operation only.
Working pressure is PN 16 if not mentioned otherwise..

- Aluminium alloys (A) - Copper alloys (C) - High grade steel (St)

1000 with tail pieces for delivery operation
1001 with tail pieces for delivery and suction operation (DS)


Part N° Nominal size Lug spacing b For hose i. d Length tail piece L Inside dia. Weight Remarks Alloy
    (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)    
1006.000433 25=D-DS 31 13 53 8 0,085   A
1006.001033 25=D-DS 31 21/191) 50 16 0,090 multiserrated A
1006.306731 25=D-DS 31 19 58 16 0,090 1 groove A
1006.001093 25=D-DS 31 21/191) 50 16 0,270 multiserrated A
1004.244433 25=D-DS 31 25 53 18 0,090 DIN14 301 A
1006.426633 25=D-DS 31 25 53 18 0,090 seal white A
1006.246333 25=D-DS 31 25 60 18 0,095 1 groove A
1006.326333 25=D-DS 31 25 50 18 0,090 PN 40 A
1004.244593 25=D-DS 31 25 53 18 0,280   A
1004.244599 25=D-DS 31 25 53 18 0,280 PN 40 A
1004.321046 25=D-DS 31 25 53 18 0,250   A
1004.244432 25=D-DS 31 25 53 18 0,090 cast PN 10 A

1 : Inside diameter of rubber hose approx. 2mm smaller than tail piece diameter
2 : A wear-resistant coupling for use abrasive media. this means much longer life than the light alloy version

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