Protecalan secured hoses for the protection of operators


Protecalan system is the only patented system meeting both requirements of standard EN ISO 4413, that is to say, protecting people against the whipping of the hose and against fluid projections.
As such, thanks to its sheath and its attached cable, it is in itself a double protection.
Although it is of limited effectiveness in the event of fire and bursting of the tip, it has many advantages over the shield screen which is difficult or even impossible to install on equipment in motion and which is of no efficiency in a technical intervention during operation, and does not protect the machine from the whipping of the hose.

We can add that implementing a Protecalan secured hose is easy and does not required special tools. It is easy to adapt onto existing installations and bears no constraints on equipment in motion.
To conclude, the presence of the sheath can, when hoses are highly exposed to atmospheric agents, significantly increase the life of the outer cover and consequently the hose itself, protecting it from UV rays and ambient ozone which are major sources of aging.

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